Gold Star Signage
549 Beaver St. 1st Floor
Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 638-7265
Gold Star Signage

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  • Gold Star Signage leases space for professional LCD displays in locally owned and operated high volume retailers (Host Retailers). The LCD displays provide a continuous flow of advertisements and announcements much like modern billboards do along major highways today.We then solicit and contract advertising placement agreements with businesses withing the Host Store community.

  • We design, produce and update all ads to be presented on the displays.
  • We monitor local and regional activities of community groups to offer them the opportunity to participate.
  • We maintain all equipment necessary for in-store advertising.
Want to develop extra income for your retail location?
Want to get your business advertising in a location within your customer's community?

Gold Star Signage offers In-Store Display advertising. Contact us today to explore the opportunities
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